Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Lit Candle Co.'s Ultimate Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Lit Candle Co.'s Ultimate Gift Ideas

'Tis the season for bright nights, holiday beverages, gatherings, and of course, gift-giving! We've come up with a Holiday Gift List for you and your loved ones so you don't have to!


For Titas and Titas at heart

Aromatherapy, essential oils, diffusers, inhalers, peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus

Aromatherapy Set 6oz, P1,000.00

We all have that tita (or friends on their tita eras) who's addicted to anything aromatherapy. Essential oils, diffusers, inhalers, you name it. This set is the perfect gift for them as each is infused with aromatic blends (yes, they are minty!) that'll give them the best relaxation sesh they need.


For Moms

Lit Flames Wax Melts, P75.00-P100.00, Electric Wax Warmer P1,000.00

Being in charge of keeping our homes neat and tidy, our moms for sure love a good-smelling home as well. With our Lit Flames wax melts and Electric Wax Warmer, she’d enjoy creating a signature scent for your home and burn wax melts all day without constantly worrying about burning the house down as there is no open flame.


For Dads

Coffee Scented Candle 10oz, P580.00

We all know that Dads love a cup of coffee in the morning. This Coffee scented candle can fill up any space with that rich coffee aroma, keeping our dads feeling energized throughout the day.


For your SO

Bloom collection, floral candles, cherry blossom, sakura, freshly picked, bouquet

Bloom Collection, starts at P350.00

Yes, a bouquet of flowers is a classic gift for your SO, but why not give them something that lasts longer? Our Bloom Collection features finest floral scents that are great for any occasion! 


And lastly, for anyone who loves Christmas

Holiday Set, scents that will put you in a festive mood

Holiday Set 6oz with Mini Igniter, P2,000.00

Who doesn’t love Christmas, right? This set will keep them company throughout the year whenever they are in the mood to feel festive and reminisce their favorite Christmas memories. 



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